The New Orleans Famous Po-Boy is a guide to where, why and how Po-Boy sandwiches are put together. Selections of the better locations in New Orleans Region from the immediate French Quarter to suburbs. Travel to locations directly to streetcars or taxi. This book is for visitor as well as locals who enjoy a Po-Boy for lunch or a weekend treat. This book includes some of the establishments where we cut our teeth on french bread growing up as kids or young adults, but that are no longer in existence, only in our memories from Hurrican Katrina. Some have come back as so noted in the book, others have not. This book is also a strong assertion to let the world know that New Orleans Seafood is edible on a daily basis being consumed regularly by local patrons and we invite visitors to feel comfortable and not hesitant to consume any of our seafood. The State of Louisiana checks each shipment and catch of oysters and shrimp from the Louisiana Gulf area. This book also lets a visitor or newcomer to the city be comfortable with the guides and explanations of slang associated with the Po-Boy industry. .

About the Authorphoto of jim vance

Jim Vance - Photographer/writer living in the New Orleans area. Born and raised on the wheat fields of Kansas. Came South as a member of U.S. Army, stationed in New Orleans and began loving the food and culture of the city immediately. Vance has raised his family in the Mid City neighborhood of New Orleans. There were, and still are, regular family outings to several of the local Po-Boy shops. Traditional holidays always are highlighted with a trip to get "Po-Boys" with the family. This is the first published book about what I like best...New Orleans food. Vance has been published in several major magazines and newspapers across United States touting what is offered by other cities writing feature articles attacting visitors to specific locales. This work challenged me to research and write this book along with the help of my life-long partner, Frances, acting as my Editor-in-residence.